A Definitive Guide To Sourcing Products From China

Are you an eCommerce seller? If so, it is recommended that you secure products to sell at a healthy profit margin. Some sellers may prefer to source their products from the United States, but the US is still unable to compete with China due to their highly competitive prices. Sourcing products from China typically allows for greater margins and higher profit. Below is a guide to sourcing products from China.

Finding a Supplier from China

Sourcing your products from China is cost-effective but the process itself is not straightforward. You will need to find manufacturers (of which there are plenty) and understand how factory pricing affects your own ability to make a profit.

After this comes the negotiation process, where you and the manufacturer will have to settle on an inventory at a price that suits you both. Before you even get to that stage, your manufacturers will want to know that you will order the products at a volume that will make their labor worth their while. The environment is highly competitive, and you’ll want to be able to stand out from the competition.

Before you order the product, it’s also vital to assess a sample. Asking for product samples allows you to conduct quality inspections to ensure that these items meet your expectations. In some cases, this step can be challenging if communication errors occur. If you want to avoid such issues and potential delays, it is better to work with a China sourcing expert.

Does all this sound laborious? You will also have to confront the barriers of language, customs, and all things that come with being physically across the world from your supplier. While this can feel daunting, the good news is that China sourcing does not have to be a process you undertake on your own.

At East West Basics, we have 25 years of experience when it comes to developing and sourcing products in Asia. We have a strong global network of clients as well as relationships with 500+ factories to ensure that we can match you with the most appropriate one for your products.

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